Pre-Order Trial

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Due to high demand, I am now trying out a Pre-order option as an opportunity for you to receive a guaranteed piece from Ox and Otter Pottery.

Please understand that this sign up is NOT for custom orders.

* As many of you know, I make a variety of different shapes with a variety of different glazes, and the combinations offered change from restock to restock. With that being said, the glazes and shapes that I am currently working with at the time you are selected for pre-order, will be the only options available. 

* I will select 30 people from the pre-order list in the order in which they signed up. Those 30 people will be contacted by me via email. There will be an additional $5 fee included at the time of purchase, as your piece is guaranteed to be yours. There is a 1 piece maximum. You will be asked what shape and glaze you would like based on the options provided that month. 

* Because these pieces are made to order, You will have 48 hours to reply to the notification e-mail you received. If I do not get a response within that time frame, your place will be forfeit. 

* Once you choose your piece I will send out an invoice via PayPal. Payment must be received within 24 hours of receiving your invoice. Again if I do not hear from you, your spot is forfeit. 


* Please understand that unlike my regular shop restocks, there will not be a preview of your piece. You will not be selecting a specific item as these are made to order. *All made to order mugs are at least 8oz or more.  

* Once payment is received, I will begin working on the reserved orders for the month. 

* Once you receive your piece you will be removed from the pre-order list, but feel free to sign up again if you like. In order to keep it fair, you cannot be selected multiple times in the same month. If i notice two emails from the same household, I will have to remove one and fill the spot with the next person on the list. And remember that this is simply a secondary option to make a purchase. My regular restocks will be happening just the same as last year. You can of course purchase as many pieces from my normal sales as you'd like while simultaneously being on this waiting list. 

* Expected shipping time will not coincide with my normal restocks. These pieces are separate from my regular updates, and as we all know, making pottery is very time sensitive. Please allow up to 4 weeks to complete and ship your piece (though I will most likely not need that much time).

* Should this Pre-order option become too much of a headache for either my customers or myself, I may cancel the plan altogether. Understand that if I do decide to terminate the trial, I will obviously not be filling the remainder of orders to the people on the waiting list.  

Below are the available choices for January's 2017 Pre-order.